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Product overview

Diazy is an open source software package from perlbox.org that is modeled after portions of the proprietary system Rational Rose. Diazy's two main objectives are to generate a source code framework from a UML diagram that was created in the popular open source-diagramming tool Dia. It will also generate a Dia UML class relationship diagram form any object oriented code source.
Having the capability to quickly generate a source code framework based off a class relationship diagram, a development team may dramatically reduce the implementation time for any product that will be engineered in the object oriented paradigm. Also, having the capability to reverse engineer existing code enables development teams to engage in effective round-tip engineering practices.
Dia has the capability to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It contains special objects that help the user draw UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, as well as many other types of diagrams. Dia was designed in such a way that it is possible to add support for new shapes giving the user maximum flexibility.
Because one of Dia's aims was to be both flexible and extensible it stores its diagrams in a simple XML file unlike the proprietary rational rose. Storing the diagram in an XML file not only allows for other programs that have XML parsing capabilities to look at he diagrams it also allow for longevity of the diagram file. Proprietary file formats tend to come and go as years pass and they also tend make it difficult for persons to view a files contents unless they have a copy of the proprietary software. With an XML file format, this is not an issue for the end user.
The creators of the Diazy project noticed the fact that Dia uses an XML file format to store its diagrams. Since these XML files are easily parsed or written a program could be created, such as Diazy, to utilize or generate these XML files. Based one some rule set, Diasy can generate code form the XML file output by Dia or use object oriented source code to generate an XML file that Dia can read and display.
Oct 28, 2003:
Perlbox.org has recently taken over the maintenance and future releases of Diazy. The current version of Diazy will soon be released, containing more langauge support.

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